Vincent Logistics acquired by Groupe Berto

In March 2022, Groupe Berto acquired Vincent Logistics, a transport and logistics solutions company, active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

Jean Vincent, the founder of Vincent Logistics, experienced profound changes in the transport and logistics sector over the past few years. This led to the decision to join a larger competitor in order to secure its future on the longer term and be able to meet the challenges ahead. Groupe Berto – an Avignon-based logistics company active in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy and Morocco with turnover of c. € 350 million and some 4,000 employees – was the ideal candidate for such a partnership, as it shares the same values as Vincent Logistics.

Kumulus Partners had been working closely with the Vincent family over the past years and acted as sole financial adviser in setting up the deal structure and negotiating the transaction.